Sunday, June 1, 2008

Words I Wish I Had Written

"A perception exists among many young women (like me) that motherhood is a vocation reserved for certain types of people. The words organized, nurturing, crafty, and patient come to mind. But the mystery of parenthood is far deeper than our trifling categories.

Disorganized, anxious women who get lost on their daily commute, drink too much coffee, and stay up too late make terrific moms. I know from experience.

The unexpected transformation that takes place in a woman when she carries a child in her womb and gives birth is an act of both life and death.

Something in us dies - a certain sureness and aloofness, confidence that comes from taking care of only ourselves. In its place real love is born - naked, weak and true."

From In Touch magazine, May 2008, an article written by Tonya Stoneman.

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