Friday, December 5, 2008

A Soldier at Christmas

A soldier stood watch

Over his troop on

This Christmas night

The deep dark sky

Lights up very bright

As the war raged on

And our heroes had to fight.

The Soldier's mind went

Back to another place

And another time

Where there was a

Magnificent sign.

A huge bright star

Lit up the night

Sky in the East

As the Shepherds stood

Watch over their sheep.

In bethlehem there was

Great new and great joy

Of the Birth of a Savior

Christ the Lord.

News Spread over the land

Of a perfect gift sent down from God to man!

The Soldier stood praying

For his country and his family at home.

As he hears the firing of missiles in

This war torn zone

He may not be famous

Or lsiten in "Who's Who"

But he is here on a mission

With a job to do.

As a teen he accepted Salvation's plan

And if his life should

End in this foreign land

He is safe and secure in his Father's own hands.

-Ethyleen Tyson

Dec. 12, 2007

This was written by a local poet and it was read at the lighting of the community Christmas tree.

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