Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Won! That's Right, Little Ol' Me

I'm just about giddy over this...

Last week, I entered a contest at Pam Anderson's blog that she writes with her daughters, and just found out today that I won! Under the category of Really Cool Things in My Life, this is right up there with shaking hands with Sam Walton, and sitting in the Kroger hot seat at a Braves game. It edges out riding in a DeLorean.

I answered a question about whether I adored or abhorred Thanksgiving. Of course, I adore it, despite the work. I adore it for the best reasons - family, food, and God, but chose to write about the sense of accomplishment I feel when the meal is on the table.

And above is my Lindsey with the Lindsay olives olive leaf wreath (easy for me to say).

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