Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blameless Product Promotion

In two years of blogging, I've mentioned quite a few cookbooks, but not mentioned equipment so much. I haven't need of the new rules for bloggers regarding swag and product placement, because honestly, I've never received stuff to blog about. I guess that's a bridge that I'll cross when I get to it.

So, here's my blameless product promotion for a kitchen helper that I've used for about six months and love, love, love: the Microplane Gourmet Series Fine Grater. According to the label, garlic, nutmeg and citrus zest are the primary targets for this implement. I haven't tried it with garlic yet, but nutmeg and lemon and lime rinds are reduced to fine, powdery shavings, the most divine zest you can imagine. The soft plastic handle is quite comfortable and the business area, the space where the Microplane magic occurs, is wide enough to accommodate the largest of lemons. I especially like the base of this tool, the solid, plastic-covered frame. It keeps the plane in place as you zest to your heart's content (or at least the limit of your lemons and limes).

My other zesting tools - a small strip zester that makes my hands cramp just looking at it and a larger Microplane, the kind that most resembles the woodworking tool that started the brand, will now migrate to the back of the tool drawer.

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