Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bright News Today

A favorite writer from the dear, departed Gourmet.com, Francis Lam, has set up shop at Salon.com and runs a competition each week, the Salon Kitchen Challenge, where bloggers post at Open Salon on a given food topic and winners are chosen. Last week's challenge was to revisit an early experience in the kitchen. I wrote about the time I made croissants at home and found out today that my piece was singled out for an honorable mention.

The most exciting thing is Francis Lam read my essay! (I say this with the same inflection as a tween mentioning Taylor Swift or maybe a Vegas cocktail waitress spying Tiger Woods at her table.) The most embarrassing thing is that I didn't proof my article as thoroughly as I should have and the single best line contained a (now-corrected) goof.

read about my honorable mention here. (I post as PB&J)

and read my obituary/tribute to Gourmet here.

And the edited article is posted below.

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