Thursday, February 4, 2010

Easy, Peasy Side Dish

There are a few dishes that I make, usually pastas, that require a bit of green on the side, not because my family begs me, mind you, but because I'm the mommy and I believe that most dinner plates require a triangle-shaped serving of green vegetable. One of the easiest is frozen green peas, this dish requires all of five minutes to pull together, and it has a better than average chance of your young child eating it. I make no promises, I just put it out there.

Here's the idea: skillet, stovetop medium heat, tablespoon or two butter melting, half a small onion finely chopped, sautee, frozen green peas in whatever quantity you feel your family will eat poured out and stirred into the butter and onions, salt and pepper seasoning, and optional, zest of lemon just before serving.

It's taken me longer to type this recipe than it will for you to make it.

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