Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sand Castles & Salon

My story for the April Fools' category in the Salon Kitchen Challenge rated a mention in the weekly wrap-up and is an Editor's Pick at Open Salon. I'm now one-fourth of the way through a year of challenges and still having fun. Since January, I've had three SKC winning stories and now five Editor's Picks!

The stories submitted by the other writers are always interesting - this week's winner made sushi from Rice Krispies, but my favorite is a story that uses cookies to explain optical illusions, such as the Kanisza triangle. Here's the wrap-up.

The next category is egg salad, a deceptively simple-sounding challenge. My egg salad is kind of plain, so I'm looking for ideas to jazz it up, especially additions that will appeal to my kids. Let me know if you have a killer egg salad recipe!

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