Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Salon Kitchen Challenge Winner!

above: Lindsey eating a mango bone.

The story of rum wherein Marcus Samuelsson reveals his mango mojito recipe won this week's Salon Kitchen Challenge! Read it on Salon.com here or below. This is what guest judge, culinary historian Jessica Harris wrote, "Lucy Mercer managed to capture not only the rum's past and its brutal history, but also added a look at the contemporary possibilities of the beverage. Her sugar mill charm and related references also reminded me of the many hours that I spent exploring old mills on St. Croix and multiple other Caribbean islands. Besides, I know Marcus and everything he does is wonderful, so this is going to be a great drink."

For the first time, I'll get a real prize for winning - a copy of Ms. Harris' new book, "Rum Drinks" - she's a terrific writer and I can't to wait to read her book!

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