Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flippin' for Flip Burger

Bread & butter pickles
Turkey burger in a lettuce wrap (above)
The Butcher's Cut

Flip Burger on Howell Mill Road takes the idea of a hamburger and flips it on its bun. The menu includes a Southern burger with fried steak and pimento cheese and green tomato ketchup - juicy and messy and wonderful. Other standouts - the turkey burger in a lettuce wrap a big, happy Atkins-friendly homage that doesn't look like health food. The Butcher's Cut featured onions, bleu cheese, red wine jam, and frisee. Really good - especially the red wine jam. House made bread and butter pickles are the kind your grandma would make for the state fair (if you had such a grandma) - crisp, sweet and sour. My tablemates also enjoyed appetizers of fried okra with sriracha ranch - the okra was sliced lengthwise and fried in a tempura batter. No grease to be found and absolutely delish. The French fries were memorable, especially so with the housemade ketchup and mayonnaise.

Flip is famous for milkshakes, but we were being girls and decided to pass on the shakes, but my next trip I plan to order the burnt marshmallow Nutella shake...and nothing else. Well, maybe some of those okra fries and a side of pickles. Mmmmmm.

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