Friday, December 3, 2010

Did someone say free books? A giveaway

When I was a young girl in tri-colored Keds, living in small-town South Carolina, Christmas meant the Sears Wishbook and hours upon hours spent poring over the pages and writing lists of what Santa could bring me.

I'm going back to those list-making days with Chronicle Books' Happy Haul-idays promotion. Chronicle Books is one of my favorite publishers going back to Beth Hensperger's first Bread Book. (I love that book - my 20 year old copy is now stained and the binding is kind of iffy, but those are signs of love in my kitchen.) Chronicle continues to publish first-rate cookbooks, especially in the baking genre, including this season's must-have book - Flour by Joanne Chang.

For this contest, I created a list of $500 worth of Chronicle titles. If you leave a comment on this article, and A Cook and Her Books is the winner, one commenter on this post will receive the same list. How cool is that?

1. Flour by Joanne Chang, $35.

2. Cake Pops by Bakerella. $19.95. So cute!

3. I love Macarons. $14.95. And who doesn't? It's time to get addicted.

4. Whoopie Pies. $16.95.

5. Tartine Bread $40.00

6. Southern Pies by Nancie McDermott, $22.95

7. Cupcake Kit $19.95

8. Michael Chiarella's Bottega $40.00

9. Tea & crumpets $19.95

10. Fairy Parties $19.95 Because I'm the mom to girls.

11. Fast Fresh Green by Susie Middleton, $24.95.

12. Luscious coconut desserts by Lori Longbotham $19.95.

13. Lobel's Meat Bible $40.

14. Noodles Every Day $19.95

15. The Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger, $19.95

16. The Pleasure of Whole Grain Breads by Hensperger, $24.95

17. By my count, that's approximately $380 in Chronicle books. I say let's make up the difference with Moleskine notebooks, (the notebooks of Hemingway, Picasso and Chatwin) so if they could toss in a few Ruled Notebook 3 packs plus some large reporter's notebooks, that would bump it up to $500.

What a haul!

Read more about Chronicle Books' Haul-idays promotion here and Chronicle's titles here.

Just comment on this post by Dec. 10 to have a chance to win the list of books (& cross your fingers that A Cook and Her Books wins!).

Commenting for this giveaway is now closed. The winner of the Chronicle contest will be announced Monday, December 13. Thanks so much for the response to this giveaway & look for another giveaway very soon!


Laura C @ littleandlots said...

I love reading your blog (I'm a Southerner, displaced first in Mass., now abroad) but I so rarely comment! That lovely stack of books is some good motivation :)

Jennifer Barnes said...

Only one other comment?
I read cookbooks like others read novels! My favorite treasures are old recipe boxes people are tossing out. A treasure trove of information,love,and great food!
Sign me up and thank you.
Jennifer Barnes

Lisa said...

Great giveaway, Lucy! And excellent choices...although in my house of testosterone, I'd probably have to gift the fairy book. :)

Maggie Hewes Adams said...

I *love* Cake Pops, and everyone from my husband to my 6 year old loves the moleskin. I'm checking out their other books now. How awesome!

Maggie (

The Teacher Cooks said...

I love reading cookbooks! I will be crossing my fingers that you win.

Marilyn Hendrix said...

I collect cookbooks, love reading them all year long. Wishing you much luck , Merry Christmas!!.

Unknown said...

Cookbooks are the best!

nicolesender said...

Great list of books!