Monday, December 5, 2011

My kind of Christmas shopping

Biscoff on Pfaltzgraff. Lucy Mercer/A Cook and Her Books
 In the midst of Christmas shopping this week, I decided to pop into my favorite thrift store. It couldn't hurt to just pop in and see what's new on the used housewares shelves, right? I walked past the worn '90s starter china sets, the discount Christmas decor, the once-lovely silver-rimmed Mikasa bone china obviously washed repeatedly in the dishwasher (there ought to be a law...) and did a double-take when I saw a stack of eight rounded, rectangular dishes. Flipped the top one over and realized what I held in my hand...

Pfaltzgraff for Delta. Lucy Mercer/A Cook and Her Books
 SkyChina from Delta Airlines, crafted by Pfaltzgraff! Eight dishes, 69 cents apiece, now used for snacks and breakfast, the perfect size for a muffn and  a piece of fruit, or Biscoff and peanut butter.

Below are more finds, note the consistent theme of summer-y colors. These glasses were $3.99 for all four.

Ice Cream Glasses. Lucy Mercer/A Cook and Her Books
 Three separate plates, and they looked so pretty stacked. The top is from Pier One.The middle is white with a bright green band. The bottom is celadon with periwinkle polka dots.

Green and blue plates. Lucy Mercer/A Cook and Her Books
 A small ironstone plate. I love this little lady - it's my favorite pie plate now.

Ironstone plate. Lucy Mercer/A Cook and Her Books
 All told, I spent a little less than $15 in the store. Some girls goes for shoes and Choos. I'm thrilled with hand-me-down Delta Airlines plates.Go figure.

What about you - can you resist the siren song of a good thrift store? What are your best finds?

Text and images copyright 2011. Lucy Mercer.


Aggie said...

I love your little treasures here!! I haven't been in a thrift store in ages...I've been itching to explore and shop lately, I love finding unique stuff, and at such a bargain!

Barbara | Creative Culinary said...

Wow...such adorable stuff. I don't even know where a thrift store is locally but think I need to find out stat!

Julie Quinn said...

LOVE Thrift Stores and shop them often. Audrey wore a beautiful Christmas dress on Sunday purchased this summer for $1.75 from a thrift store. It looked brand new. Love never knowing what you'll find and the great deals! Ruins me for ever paying retail for anything when I get deals like that.

Lucy Mercer said...

Julie - that gorgeous dress was $1.75! Kudos to you, bargain shopper! I'm all about the deals, too, we should power-thrift-shop together someday!

HapaMama said...

I find that thrift stores can be a treasure chest for food bloggers. You only need one or two plates of each design, right? Or tiki mugs? Theme linens? You have a great eye, Lucy!

linda @spiceboxtravels said...

Lucy, I wish I could see the photos! For some reason I can't get them to load on my computer (this is my 4th or 5th try). Everything sounds lovely. I am especially curious about the Delta plates. I have never found such great finds at any local thrift store. Happy holiday-preparing!