Thursday, May 23, 2013

Will Write for Food author in Atlanta

Dianne Jacob’s Will Write for Food is a book that nearly leapt into my hands. I tend to think of books coming into my life as a karmic, or God thing, and that’s the way I feel about this book. It was in my Borders store (RIP), and I remember pushing the baby in the stroller through the store on the way to somewhere else, maybe the food court, maybe dropping off film at Wolf Camera (RIP, too). Near the end of the cookbook shelf, a cover with typewriter keys "WILL WRITE FOR FOOD" caught my eye. Not chocolate, not pie, not fruit or vegetables, but typewriter keys. Hmmm, I checked on the baby and decided I had a minute to peruse the book.

Will Write for Food, original cover

 If my life had happened the way I wanted it to, I would write for Southern Living. It didn’t happen, which is ok. It’s really ok. I live in Georgia, not Alabama, and my family is here. But the stories about food and gardens had been spinning in my brain since forever and I needed a place to put them. And here was a book, in my hot little hands, that said how to do it. "Will Write for Food," what a great title I thought. $15  and a quick scan of my Borders Rewards card (sigh, I still have it on my keychain) and it was mine.

Will Write for Food, revised edition

Since that day six years ago, I’ve read through the book and cherished Dianne Jacob’s frank and fresh advice on crisp writing and editing specifically for food stories. I follow her blog, also called Will Write for Food, and taken to heart her writerly advice and business savvy.

And now, I get to meet her. 

Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food
Dianne Jacob will be in Atlanta June 1 for a class at Cook’s Warehouse at Ansley Mall. It’s a daylong class with the top expert on food blogging and writing. Seats are still available for the class and if there’s any part of you that ever thought, “Hey, I could write for Southern Living” or “Saveur” or even write a cookbook, then you need to be in this class. Hope to see you there!

presented by Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food
The Cook's Warehouse
Ansley Mall
Atlanta, GA
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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How exciting, Lucy! I can't wait to hear all about it!