Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Scrap Gardening on Home Depot's Garden Club blog

Windowsill garden. Lucy Mercer/A Cook and Her Books
A view of my windowsill garden ~ rootings of a Christmas cactus, green onions that I'm too frugal to part with, and the great avocado pit experiment. I've never tried to root an avocado pit before, but I've known plenty of folks who claim success with it. I certainly make enough guacamole to acquire sufficient pits to try.

This windowsill garden is the topic of my latest post for The Home Depot's Garden Club blog. Earlier in the month, they ran my story on repurposed rain boots planted with sprightly pansies. The pansies are just about the only thing blooming in the garden these days, and that's why my garden comes indoors and settles on my wide windowsill. Blue glass bottles and Mason jars, plus antique saucers are some of my favorite things, and they brighten up the view beyond the porch. In the post, I write about how to never run out of green onions and how root pineapples and avocados from kitchen scraps. I even throw in my famous guacamole recipe, because you've got to have a culinary excuse to root the pit.

Green onions. Lucy Mercer/A Cook and Her Books.
Do stop by the Home Depot Garden Club blog ~ it's packed with information for gardeners of all types and stripes, urban or suburban, plots measured in square feet, yards or miles. And if the mood strikes, a little social media love for my post would be so appreciated ~ pinning, sharing, stumbling, etc.  *thanks*

Happy 2014, everyone! Thanks for reading my little ol' blog!

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