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Taste of Atlanta set for October 25 and 26

On Saturday, October 25 and Sunday, October 26, The Chef’s Table and The Kitchen Workshop cooking stages will offer attendees the chance to take epicurean arts into their own hands with direction from none other than the pros. With more than a dozen interactive demos and seminars spread throughout the weekend, attendees of all ages will be whipping up five star recipes like master chefs in no time.

Atlanta’s acclaimed culinary icons will lay all their cards on The Chef’s Table, hosted by Atlanta’s own Tom Sullivan. Guests can pull up a seat in this intimate setting to gain insight from these chefs, as they divulge their culinary journeys and offer expert tips, techniques and (of course) tastes.

Moments from the 2013 Taste of Atlanta/Laura Mercer

2014 Chef’s Table session highlights include:
  • Battle of the Burbs: There’s a clash across kitchens, as restaurants from two of Atlanta’s northern burbs gather for a friendly neighborhood rivalry. Featuring Chef Derek Dollar of Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails and Chef Bob McDonough of Little Alley Steaks, the competition will surely spice things up.
  • From the Ground Up: Whether attendees take it with cream or steam, this segment – featuring Octane Coffee and Chef Jordan Wakefield of Smoke Ring – is sure to perk them right up as expert Atlanta coffee fiends spill the beans on at-home brewing.
  • Shop like a Chef: Explore local culinary haunts through the eyes of Chef Patric Bell of Barrelhouse and Chef Linda Harrell of Cibo E Beve. Attendees will gather insider tips to stock their home kitchens with the best seafood, meats, produce and more.
  • Southern Comfort: Y'all listen up! Guests will make room for a meal like mama used to make, as Chef Brian Sonoskus of Tupelo Honey Cafe and Chef EJ Hodgkinson of JCT. Kitchen whip up some good, old Southern cooking.
Opportunities to meet Top Chefs at Taste of Atlanta/Lucy Mercer

The Kitchen Workshop, presented by The Cook’s Warehouse, Le Cordon Bleu and Guy Gunter Home, will school guests in the culinary arts with hands-on cooking tutorials for any level of cooking expertise. Hosted by CNN’s Emmy nominated journalist, Holly Firfer, The Kitchen Workshop features renowned local and national chefs who provide step-by-step instruction for both skilled home cooks and those still learning to boil water. Every participant leaves with a recipe they can make at home and a feather in their toque.

2014 The Kitchen Workshop session highlights include:
  • BravoTV Top Chef Season 10 Champion: Kristen Kish, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate who is well known for winning Season 10 of Bravo’s Top Chef, will reveal expert culinary tips and tricks in her demo, “The Secret’s In The Sauce.”
  • Wok Shop: Learn the way to wok from Chef George Yu of Makan and have dinner on the table in a flash with this high-heat, quick cooking method!
  • Hook, Line and Sinker: Attendees can reel in a fresh shellfish supper and get schooled on sustainable seafood with this former “Chopped” champion, Chef Quentin Donnaud of Coast.
  • The Basics to Bon Appétit: Guests can pepper their kitchen with a taste of France, as they learn to prepare the crème de la crème version of bistro classic, French onion soup, from Chef Derek Wood of Vin Vie Bistro.
  • Tunisian Turnovers: Don't miss the chance to learn how to make the exotically flavored, simple and versatile Tunisia Brik with Le Cordon Bleu’s Chef Kyle Reynolds.

The Chef’s Table and The Kitchen Workshop at Taste of Atlanta are both open to all festival ticket holders on a first come basis. The Chef’s Table will host segments approximately 30 to 45 minutes each, and The Kitchen Workshop segments will last about 45 minutes each. General admission and VIP tickets are on sale now for $25 and $75, respectively.

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