Wednesday, August 29, 2018

These Boots Were Made for Gardening

It's been awhile since I've checked in with my A Cook and Her Books friends. I let an important occasion, the 10th birthday of this blog, just slip right by. Ten years ago, my toddler was taking a nap, it was snowing outside, and I decided to heed some advice I'd read somewhere that if I wanted to take my place in the internet landscape, that I needed to start a blog.

This little corner of the internet changed my universe. It started with food, sharing my favorite recipes. I got calls from pr folks, and that got me into restaurants. The gardening niche fell into place somewhere in there. I repurposed my daughter's cast-off galoshes into planters for pansies. I snapped a photo with phone and wrote a little copy to go along. Amazingly, that little story led to the job that I have today, writing about gardening for The Home Depot's Garden Club.

As I've learned more about gardening, I discovered the Master Gardener Extension Volunteer program, and am now proud to report that I have passed the Master Gardener course and am more than halfway through the volunteer hour commitment. Within a few months, I'll be a certified master gardener.

I'm still interested in food, of course. I'm still the cook with too many books. Except now, I'm expanding my interest to look at where and how food is grown. It's unbelievably easy to grow at least some of your own food. Radishes are ridiculously quick from seed to harvest, just 30 days. And carrots, and potatoes, too.

These are the stories that I want to write, the ones that connect the garden and the plate. I hope to be able to share more with you here soon. In the meantime, I still share what goes on in my world via social media. Check in on my A Cook and Her Books Facebook page, and I share food and flower pics on my Instagram. See you soon ~

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