Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Of Radishes and Rothko

If Rothko designed vegetables, these watermelon radishes from Farmers Fresh would be the result. Stunning magenta interiors, encased in white and celadon. The raw bite is peppery; thin slices add punch to an otherwise ordinary suppertime salad. Sauteed with a bit of butter and finished with salt and pepper, they are earthy, more like beets.

I decided to add them to a slaw, made with carrots and last week's kohlrabi. The dressing was simple: three tablespoons white wine vinegar, one teaspoon Dijon mustard and one teaspoon honey (from the CSA New Member pack, Wally B.'s honey). I think that's a trifecta, isn't it? Using three CSA items in one dish?

The peppery radish taste got lost in the slaw, which I consider a good thing. Check out the bowl of color: orange carrots and magenta radishes with creamy white Kohlrabi matchsticks.

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