Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Week's CSA Post: TBA

One of the cool problems/opportunities of a CSA membership is what to do when you're planning a trip out of town. Do you extend the membership a week? Do you completely forget about it and let the kind drop-off site person take it home? Or, do you ask a friend to pick it up and enjoy it? And, if so, which friend?

This is how I got hooked on a CSA membership. My neighbor, Susan, offered me her box last April while she was out of town. I loved the coincidence that the drop-off site was the home of someone I'd known for 25 years, but hadn't made the CSA connection with. Just one afternoon of pulling vegetables out of a bag, and I was hooked. I signed up within a week.

Anyway, this week, my mom will be the lucky recipient of the CSA box. I've shared items before, especially the greens beans and heirloom tomatoes from last summer. This week's box should include lettuce; cabbage, turnip roots or radishes; onions; pecans; squash or sugar snap peas; herbs and possibly strawberries (or as the weekly menu posts it: " Strawberries ??"). I'll post next week how Mom fares as a CSA cook.

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