Monday, September 27, 2010

Tyler Florence on Social Media

Food Network Chef Tyler Florence at Macy's Lenox Square in July 2010.

A packed house in Macy's Housewares.

As owner of three restaurants and two culinary stores, Tyler Florence needs to know what's happening now. Here is Tyler's blogroll of sites he checks each day:

"I use Yelp as a guideline for staff discussions. We use all those websites to help the restaurant get better." What does he think of the democratization of reviewing? "I'm ok with that. I don't have a choice, but I want someone to be honest with me. I want someone to walk into my restaurants with the intention of having a fantastic experience."

Asked why he doesn't have a big presence on Facebook, Tyler replied "That cruise ship has sailed." Citing the 5,000 friends Facebook limit, Tyler prefers Twitter. He has a following of 200,000, equal, he says to a weekday audience for "Tyler's Ultimate."

If you walk through the supermarket and think "What Would Tyler Florence Do?" you'll be thrilled to know that there's an Iphone app for that - check out for details.

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Many thanks for Macy's for the terrific pictures from the Culinary Council event.

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The Teacher Cooks said...

Thanks for sharing the lowdown on Tyler. I wish that I could have been there and for the link, too.