Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tyler Florence on Southern Food

Tyler Florence takes a question from the audience at the Macy's Culinary Council event at Lenox Square.
Food Network chef Tyler Florence visited Atlanta in July and I'm recounting a few of the wide-ranging subjects he discussed. As just about every Southern knows, Tyler is a South Carolina native and grew up in Greenville. These are his favorite Southern foods:

For aroma, "hands down, collard greens" for the "mustard aroma and salt pork. In two seconds, I'm back to Grandma's kitchen." For taste, black pepper fried chicken. For mouthfeel, peach pie. "Southern regional cooking is the most important cooking right now. The most important historical heritage cooking is Southern. It translates coast to coast, it permeates the senses. You've got to pass it on to your kids." Amen, Brother Tyler.

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Many thanks for Macy's for the terrific pictures from the Culinary Council event.

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