Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tyler Florence on What People Want to Eat

Tyler Florence plates Sole Almondine at Macy's event, July 2010.

Tyler Florence's flagship restaurant, Wayfare Tavern is getting great reviews. I thought I'd fall out when he described the signature peach pie - using Frog Hollow peaches just like Chez Panisse, a shattery crust that uses lard and clarified butter. The pie is finished with rosemary and served with goat's milk ice cream. Oh my.

This is what Tyler has to say about restaurant food right now:  "Fancy frou-frou dining is dead and it's going to be dead for awhile. We've built a restaurant that's old and traditional." I guess my heart will have to find its way back to San Francisco. Sacramento Street, to be exact.

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Many thanks for Macy's for the terrific pictures from the Culinary Council event.

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